New MakerBot Educators Program for 3D Printing Teachers

Last year I had the chance to try out a 3D printer for the first time. The folks at Makerbot sent one my way. I chronicled my journey in a few posts including how easy it was to get started and how I was able to print a virtual reality headset. The team at MakerBot has just announced the brand new MakerBot Educators program. This program will bring together teachers who are passionate about using 3D printing in their classrooms. The goal is to create a community of educators who share their experiences and best practices using innovative technology with students.

3D Printing Teachers

MakerBot has already set up Thingiverse Education as a collection of 3D printing lesson plans for teachers. So it is no surprise that they’ve created a space for educators from lots of different backgrounds. They can share the way 3D printing has changed the way teaching and learning happen in their school. I love when companies create special spaces for educators to show off their accomplishments and share their expertise with other teachers.



MakerBot Educators Program

How do you join the MakerBot Educators Program?

In order to apply for the MakerBot Educators Program candidates need to have contributed to the Thingiverse Education platform. They must also have access to a MakerBot device. Once selected, MakerBot Educators participate in monthly missions and get access to exclusive gear. The goal is to create a community of passionate educators who are excited about the role of 3D printing in education. The website linked below has all of the information you need to jump in and get started with your application. There is a FAQ section too in case you have any extra questions about this new program.