Challenges and Opportunities of E-Learning in Secondary School

E-Learning has become an integral part of educational settings because of the advancements in information and communication technologies. Despite the fact that E-Learning has been implemented successfully, many programs fail to meet their objectives. E-Learning scholars and practitioners have been inspired to investigate the aspects that influence the success or failure of the program. Specifically, this study aims to analyze the elements that impact the introduction and growth of E-Learning and the most suitable framework for secondary schools in Iraq. E-effectiveness learning’s in Iraqi and Arab education systems is the focus of this study, since this field of research is lacking in both theoretical and empirical investigations. A conceptual framework for integrating the important components and demographic data is proposed in the study. Using the conceptual framework offered, educational institutions and governments may better design and execute new E-Learning programs, as well as analyze the effectiveness of current ones.

Source: https://ijsses.tiu.edu.iq/index.php/volume-9-issue-3-article-24/