5 traits of digital leaders

Digitally minded companies do these five things differently than the competition

Every organization can make standalone digital investments or hire a digital executive, but decisions made in a vacuum are destined to fail. The hard truth is that there’s no silver bullet for building a digital organization. There’s no clear deadline or desired end state either.

To truly be digital vs. just doing digital things requires an ongoing iterative process and mindset shift to drive results and insight. It means understanding that change is the rule, not the exception. And it takes a team—not any one individual alone.

That’s why the common practice of creating a C-suite role for digital or any priority of the day is not a solution. It’s the difference between checking a box vs. shepherding true change throughout an organization. You don’t need a singular head of digital, you need multidisciplinary digital leaders across an organization who can think and act digitally from vision to execution. It’s a business imperative.

Digitally minded businesses grow faster, and more profitably. What do those leaders do differently than their predecessors?

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