WHO Suggests Some Fun Ways To Stay Active During Quarantine

Are you worried about your fitness during quarantine? WHO has some suggestions that you can implement for keeping your health & activeness.

If there is something that is most important these days is your and your family’s health. This quarantine period is definitely testing our patience but it is the best way to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has already taken thousands of lives and continues to affect millions. While you are asked to stay at home, it doesn’t mean ‘Eat Sleep Repeat’. You must keep your body active through this 21-day period so that you are able to celebrate the defeat of this deadly virus.

This is a stressful time but the best way to stay hopeful is by keeping your health. You must look after your physical and mental health during the quarantine period to prevent getting any other illness. The World Health Organization (WHO) urges and encourages everyone to stay healthy at home and be active by doing some easy physical activities.

These are fun and you may do these with your family or with whom you are quarantined. Enjoy the period. Here is the Instagram post with five recommendations by WHO.

1. ‍Take exercise classes online


We know that you are unable to go to the gym because of coronavirus. But here is an idea to continue your exercise routine at home. Take online exercise classes. You may enroll yourself in an online exercise class and practice as per the instructions. Also, if your trainer is able to conduct online sessions wherein he/she can guide you through, it would be best. With whatever resources are available with you, you can exercise without missing your training session.

2. Dance to music

If you have a fondness for music and your feet automatically start dancing with the tunes, this is an amazing exercise. Play some good music and start! For this, all you need is a good free space and music. The best area to conduct this session in the living room as that part is mostly spacious. You may ask your quarantine partner(s) to join in for a fun session.


3. Play active video games

If you are a gaming fan, why not try active video games. This isolation and social distancing must have taken a toll on your health and wellness but it is your duty to take care of your body. Get a video game partner and start.

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4. Skipping rope

This is probably the best exercise if you can do it. Not only it will exercise your body but also the core. Surprisingly, skipping rope provides nearly similar results as a regular workout would do! Try as many skips as you can and gradually increase the number to see your stamina, strength, and endurance at peak on the day of release.

skipping rope

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5. Muscle strength & balance training

Search or ask your trainer for the home tools to conduct balance and muscle strength training. You do not necessarily need gym equipment for these kinds of training. Some tools are there in your home which can help you in maintaining your muscles and balance training.