Virtual Reality in Education from the Perspective of Teachers

Virtual reality is the system in which users feel that they are in a virtual world with various equipment and the users interact with this world. With this feature, virtual reality is very useful for many fields of activity, as well as education. Virtual reality applications in education enable students to gain experiences that are dangerous or impossible for them to acquire in real life and learn by doing and living. For this reason, virtual reality is an important innovation for future educational environments.

The population of this study is composed of teachers in private schools in Iraq in the 2017-2018 academic year. One hundred thirty teachers participated in the online questionnaire, 101 of which were considered valid. The sample consisted of 101 teachers who completed the questionnaire. Based on the findings, the results of the research were stated, and recommendations were developed.

As a result of the research, we realized that the vast majority of teachers think that virtual reality is interesting, encourages students to be active, is suitable for students with schematic and visual thinking style, provides students with a general idea about the subject, facilitates the implementation of information, makes it easier to learn, and it provides a quick review of the course they have studied. They also think it requires concentration.

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