Preparing Teachers for Fair and Equitable Treatment of Diverse Groups of Students: The First Step to Human Rights Education

Abstract:  Education has always been a fundamental right all children are entitled to. The provision of educational opportunities is a central means of advancing awareness of universal aspirations for diversity, tolerance and human rights. It has been a worthwhile endeavor that schools make a commitment to greater community cohesion through promoting children’s awareness of human rights and teaching diversity and tolerance. Schools have to prepare students from diverse backgrounds and communities for being responsible global citizens. The sense of dignity, understanding others, friendship and tolerance must come to the fore in educational institutions. It is true that schools reflect society; thereby, directing education to the enhancement of human rights-based norms enables children to become contributing members of a tolerant society. This article highlights the significance of living together to create a tolerant society where human rights are plentifully respected. Specifically, the paper seeks to explore the role of imparting education in teaching about human rights.


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