5 skills for virtual leadership that inspires

Much has been written about how leaders can optimize the productivity and effectiveness of their remote teams. Yet, too little guidance is offered for virtual leadership that actually inspires teams to be purposeful, positive, and productive.

Here are the first two of five essential skills for virtual leaders that have yet to be fully understood and leveraged:

1. Humility. Leaders are often given credit for their team’s accomplishments when, in reality, the leader didn’t personally deliver the results. She enabled them. Give credit. Take blame. Thank others. Validate others.

2. Genuine, unforced humor. Teasing is too frequent in many work teams. Teasing gives the illusion of “laughing together.” It’s actually “laughing at.” That’s not healthy humor. Healthy humor invites; it doesn’t separate. Here’s a great example — zoos all over the country are offering animals to participate in Zoom calls. This farm sanctuary will let you invite a llama or goat to your next Zoom meeting. That’s fun!

In today’s 3.5-minute episode of my Culture Leadership Charge video for SmartBrief, I describe the three additional skills needed to inspire virtual teams.