UK education providers are helping teachers, parents, and students respond to the impact of Covid-19 worldwide

The UK education sector is responding to COVID-19 by offering free or discounted resources for students, schools, universities, and training providers.

● The ​British Educational Suppliers Association​, with the support of the UK Department for Education,​ ​has developed the ​LendED​ website ​(​​)​ to help schools get the most out of their existing resources, and provide teachers with easy-to-use home learning materials. You can search for resources from trusted suppliers, read teacher reviews, and request free access during school closures. This site includes over 200 UK companies.
● Cambridge Assessment International Education​ is making free resources available to help schools deliver effective learning outside the classroom ​here​.
● Oxford University Press ​is offering free access to their education platforms ​here​ for an extended period and are committed to supporting teachers through professional development training that can be accessed anytime, as well as offering teaching support for through Oxford Owl ​here​. Websites​ ( ​and
● Pearson​ is providing access to expert faculty, best practices, and other online learning resources for people who are studying, teaching or working remotely. They are regularly updating their ​site​ which includes K12 resources.
● Twinkl ​has created home learning and school closure packs and made them available for ​free​, including content tailored to specific markets. Content is available on ​LinkedIn​ & ​Twitter​ for sharing. ​(
● Twig Education​ is offering free access to schools and ministries of education of its k-12 STEM resources​ ​here​.
● GetMyGrades ​helps students to keep track of progress and is allowing schools affected by Covid-19 to use its platform for ​free​.​ ​(​​)
● Century Tech ​creates personalized learning pathways for students and powerful data for teachers to ensure that every child gets tailored, high-quality education. They are offering free maths, English and science resources ​here​. ​(​.
● Mangahigh​ is offering full and free access to Mangahigh for distance learning maths to schools closed due to COVID-19. The website is ​here​
● Your Favourite Teachers​ is offering free access to their online GCSE platform to ensure students are able to continue their studies and revision uninterrupted. The website is ​here​. (
● Online Schooling​ provides a full-time British education online to all children of school age. My Online Schooling offering a variety of free learning resources​ ​here​.
● 2Simple​ provides excellent, accessible and inspiring software to encourage children to love learning and prepare them for later life. 2Simple are offering free access to both Purple Mash and Serial Mash for schools and home users ​here.​ ​(
● Firefly​ provides a modern learning experience platform. They are providing are giving free access to their platform to schools in need until the end of next term and have best practices
webinars to show how to implement distance learning. The website is ​here​. ​(
● Classes​ are offering 90-day free digital textbooks to international schools following the British curriculum. The website is ​here​. (​​)
● Innovate My School ​showcases exciting new practices and products by teachers and education suppliers. It includes a search engine for finding the best education technology on the market, including home learning and COVID-19 filters, of 1200 products. There are over 400 COVID-19 offers. The website is ​here​. ​(​​)
● COBIS​ provides information on safeguarding, online learning, guidance for parents/ owners/governors, whole school well-being, university admissions and examinations during the pandemic. They also have webinars and case studies. The website is ​here​.
● British Council​ offers a wide range of classroom resources to help students explore other cultures and discuss international issues, and to provide the basis for international partnerships between schools. The website is ​here​ ​(​​. The Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning program, helps young people engage with the sustainable development goals through free project-based resources and training for teachers. Website ​here​.(

● FutureLearn ​is a digital education platform offering short courses, programs and online degrees. There are over 1300 courses available for free. New courses include COVID-19 Diagnostics and Testing. Website is ​here​.​ ​(
● British Council ​delivers the Study UK campaign providing practical information, resources and insight on UK higher education for international students, including ​free online courses​. Website is ​here​ ​(​​)​.
● Pearson​ is providing access to expert faculty, best practices, and other online learning resources for people who are studying, teaching or working remotely. They are regularly updating their ​site which includes HE resources.
● Oxford University Press ​is offering free access to Epigeum’s award-winning online training courses. The courses support higher education institutions to deliver training in key areas including teaching online, blended learning, and university teaching. The website is ​here​.
● Cambridge University Press​ is providing free Access to Reference works and Academic Textbooks on Cambridge Core to university libraries and their associated students and faculty. The website is ​here​.​ ​(
● Kortext​ has a Free Student eTextbook Programme, is making free textbook content available from a host of publishers, in partnership with JISC and Microsoft. Over 120 UK universities signed up and the program is open to universities worldwide providing textbooks that are relevant to the course being undertaken by the students. The website is ​here​.​ ​(​.
● The Open University ​free online learning platform ​OpenLearn​ provides access to health, wellbeing, and educational content during the pandemic. The online site offers a chance for anyone to explore relevant topics, from teaching online and courses designed to aid mental and
physical health, to family-friendly interactives and content to help with the effects of Coronavirus. There are more than 950 courses available, offering 15,000 hours of free learning. The website is ​here​.​ ​(
● The University of London​ is one of the largest, most diverse universities in the UK with over 120,000 students in London, and a further 50,000 studying across 190 countries for a University of London degree. The website is ​here​.​ ​(​​). ​The University of London is also part of this initiative from Coursera helping to take student learning online in response to coronavirus. The website is ​here​. ​(​​)
● The University of Liverpool ​is a leader in online postgraduate education and has now made a range of learning and teaching resources available for the wider higher education community. The University of Liverpool Centre for Innovation in Education has made available ​resources related to curriculum design plus videos and case studies on using Teams for learning and teaching. The website is ​here​. ​(
● Coventry University ​has a library of short courses available online for free on the FutureLearn platform. In response to COVID-19, Coventry has collated three courses to help users make the most of their time at home. Resources available ​here​. ​(​​)
● Jisc​ is working with university libraries to ensure access to key digital resources for teaching, learning, and research. Jisc is cataloging details of publishers and content repositories who are widening access to their resources with the list available ​here​. Contact ​ to access any of the resources. ​(
● The University of Edinburgh​ offers a range of ​free online short courses​ ​here​ for academic skills and personal development. ​( Vocational and technical training
● Pearson. ​For career-focused learning, Pearson provides access to the Learning Hub, which contains a range of short online courses supporting BTEC, Apprenticeship, and Employability. The website is ​here​.​ (
● The National Skills Academy Food and Drink​ are the industry experts on skills for the food and drink industry and have a range of programs available through their Online Academy. Their e-learning is available in areas such as compliance (Food Safety, Health & Safety), technical(allergen awareness, IOSH), personal development, IT and management, and leadership. The website is ​here​. ​(​​)
● The Skills Network​ is a leading provider of distance learning qualifications with over 1 million users on the learning platform and over 40 UK Accredited qualifications and 100 CPD certified online courses. Courses include infection control and health and social care. The website is ​here​. ( COVID-19 training
● Health Education England ​has launched online e-Learning for Health content to support the upskilling of health workers in relation to COVID19. This content is free. The guidance can be found ​here​.​ ​( ​and will be updated and expanded shortly.
● Skills for Health​ is the leading provider for healthcare e-learning across the UK health sector, has developed a free Covid-19 Awareness resource. Skills for Health is also offering the Core Skills Training e-learning bundle at a heavily discounted rate; this includes Infection Prevention & Control, basic life support, Safeguarding, and more. Website ​here​.​ (
● Kineo​ is an e-learning specialist and has developed e-learning courses to support people with the management of Covid-19 as they come to terms with new ways of working. These are
available for free. The website is ​here​.​ (​​)
● Highfield Learning, ​a leading provider of technical e-learning and offers training in​ ​food safety, manual handling, health and safety, fire safety, spectator safety, customer service, first aid at work, plus a range of standard workplace awareness programs. They are offering free training in infection prevention and control, accessed through their ​website​. (​
● The University of Edinburgh​ created a set of free online resources ​COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application​ ​here​ for healthcare professionals working in a critical care setting. ​( English Language Training
● British Council ​has an extensive range of free online resources for learners and teachers of English. British Council has something for kids, teenagers, and adults at all ​levels of English. The website is ​here​ ​(​​ ​And of course, ​for teachers too – a website for teacher resources is ​here​. ​(​​). ​English score, the British Council’s free
mobile-delivered test is available to download globally – a website is ​here​ ​(
● Macmillan Education ​is a global publisher that is operating in over 120 countries worldwide.They are making our digital components and resources available for free for both Teachers and Learners. The website is ​here​. ​(
● Oxford University Press​ has created home learning guidance including links to blogs, course-related content suitable for distance learning, and professional development content, alongside course material to maximize home-based learning. The website is ​here​.
● Pearson​ is offering webinars on distance teaching and learning,​ ​and free 60-day access to their Digital Citizenship Online course providing professional development for teachers in an online environment. The website is ​here​. ​(
● LanguageCert ​is offering additional slots to accommodate candidates who wish to take their English language certification exams with remote invigilation. More information is ​here​. (
● EF English Live​ offers English courses including live classes and interactive lessons online. They are offering a 14-day free trial. The website is ​here​. ​(
● Cambridge Assessment English​ has lots of free online activities to help teenagers and adults practice their English. The website is ​here​. ​(
● The Nile​ is a world-leading center of excellence, offering training and development from initial qualifications to Masters, both face-to-face and online. A new course ‘Take your Teaching Online’ is being offered for free. The website is ​here​. ​(
● East Sussex College​ is offering an Online English Language classes with flexible hours and small class size. There are General English, IELTS, and Cambridge exam options. The website is ​here​. (​
● InTuition ​provides personalized 1 to 1 English Language Courses including English online. This includes a 30-minute trial lesson. The website is ​here​. ​(
● ELT Jam ​helps clients through every stage in designing a successful learning experience and at present have a focus on adapting in-person courses and training for online delivery as quickly as possible. The website is ​here​. ​(

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