Updated: 127 free K-12 resources during coronavirus pandemic

As more schools and districts continue to be affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, solution providers have stepped up by rolling out free teaching resources and education services that promote online learning, offer advice, improve communications and even provide nourishment. Here are 125 free education resources and teacher services for K-12 leaders to consider.

Health and wellness

  1. Copeify 
    Patriapps is donating $5 million worth of software donations of Copeify, an app that uses AI-enhanced content and questions to help students and faculty improve their self-care, life-skills and coping capabilities. Issuance of the software as a service will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Connect with Copeify.
  2. Conscious Discipline
    Conscious Discipline has released free online resources including simple emotional regulation exercises, child-friendly educational activities about current events, trauma-informed advice and how-to for staying positive. View the resources or sign up for e-mail notifications of new resources.
  3. Zenpower app
    For 90 days, higher ed students and staff can download the Zenpower app for free using access code 281270. It takes the app a maximum of seven minutes to deliver a unique response to stress anxiety directly into the home, workspace, or office. All information is kept confidential. Download the app.
  4. COVID-19: 5 Tips to Face Your Anxiety
    This free digital guide helps those who are suffering from anxiety due to the outbreak and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection on their mobile device or computer. The guide addresses common concerns in five modules that identify helpful or harmful thoughts, how to take control of the stories we tell ourselves, putting things into perspective, educating on what to focus on, and occupying the mind and body with the right thoughts and actions. Access the guide.
  5. Social Distancing Trainer app
    Discovery Education and Afterschool Alliance have launched an app for iOS products that share important educational information about safe and healthy social distancing for students and teachers through augmented reality. Download the app for free at the Apple App store.
  6. Child Trends
    Child Trends has released materials that provide research-based guidance and new data to inform decisions about how best to meet the needs of all children and their families in the midst of COVID-19. Browse now.
  7. National Youth Violence Prevention Week
    Sandy Hook Promise has adapted its National Youth Violence Prevention Week (NYVPW) action kit to include activities students can participate in virtually for free. These online resources help keep young people engaged and safe while they spend more time at home and outside of school.  The kit maps out a week’s worth of activities.
  8. Discovery Education SEL activities
    Discovery Education has partnered with numerous companies to create programs that promote social-emotional learning. The Discover Your Happy program equips communities with the skills necessary to reduce stress and create Sustainable Happiness. Ignite My Future in School program lets students explore computational thinking through the lens of critical questions such as “What does happening to mean?” Students can practice self-management and responsible decision-making skills with Zen Zone Activity Guide, as part of the Soar with Wings: Social-Emotional Skills for School & Life program.
  9. COVID-19 Course
    This free course weaves together the scientific, social, and economic perspectives of the COVID-19 pandemic. The information presented in this course is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical or public health advice, or other advice for any particular issue or subject.
  10. Mindfulness app
    This app from Inner Explorer offers an audio-guided mindfulness program to families for free. Download the app.
  11. Global Teletherapy
    Homebound students can receive free Global Teletherapy services, such as speech-language, occupational, school counseling and mental health services. For more information, visit globalteletherapy.com/Train-Your-Therapists. Questions can be emailed to info@globalteletherapy.com
  12. Contingency meals
    Revolution Foods is offering reimbursable meals, including cold and hot breakfasts, lunches and suppers. Revolution Foods will adjust delivery services to comply with ever-changing policies, such as San Francisco’s shelter-in-place, and will make sure meals are federally compliant and maintain a high level of nutrition. Contact Revolution Foods.
  13. HLTH101
    Through April 30, ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI)  is offering HLTH101: Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic as a free course. Based
    on information from the Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC, this online class includes preemptive practices and processes to keep centers safe and teach students healthy habits. Register here.
  14. ExQ Superpower Hour
    The ExQ Superpower Hour activity that promotes Executive Function through self-reflection is now free. This exercise teaches the importance of practicing self-awareness so students can understand their Superpowers (strengths) and challenges to build confidence, empathy and develop a sense of purpose.

Curriculum and instruction—Remote learning platforms

        1.  SMART Learning Suite Online 
          For the rest of the school year, we can access these cloud-based classrooms to connect remotely to live lessons and engage in-realtime with lesson  activities from any web-enabled computer, tablet or phone. Complete this form to access the suite for your school.
        2. LanSchool Air
          Through July 1, schools can receive complimentary LanSchool Air licenses that allow teachers to integrate screen monitoring, messaging and hand-raising features into Google Classroom and Clever platforms. Teachers can see when students use the Raise Hand feature so they can quickly address student questions in remote settings. Fill out this form for more information.
        3. PebbleGo, Next and Spanish
          Schools have free access to these curricular content hubs for students in K-3 and grades 3 through 6 in addition to the optional Spanish addition. The offer also includes interactive e-books from Capstone Publishing. Get free access.
        4. OTIS PD
          Any individual can sign OTIS professional development platform. Any district that wants an account for all of their teachers can fill out the form in the link and get a group code from Teq. However, Teq will need information from these teachers to generate the code. Tea has also set up an ask OTIS chat box to assist teachers and school leaders. Get started.
        5. Teamplace
          This platform allows educators to distribute teaching materials, collect worksheets, edit teaching content and enable group work. Sign up for free.
        6. Classcraft
          Up until July 31, the Classcraft remote learning platform will be free to entire schools and districts. Teachers can communicate expected positive behaviors to students, award digital rewards, create student teams, allow parents to give students points for positive behavior at home and have access to real-time data and analytics. Signup for free schoolwide access and free PD resources.
        7. myViewBoard
          Free subscriptions are available for myViewBoard software, which helps teachers record and share whiteboarding lessons with remote students. Learn more.
        8. Intelligent Education
          Teachers can build online courses using this free multimedia courseware site with only a smartphone and a well-lit, quiet room. Various visual aids from notes to images and videos can be added to lectures. Each account includes Google Cloud storage for videos. View Intelligent Education’s completed courses or start building courses for free.
        9. ArgoPrep
          ArgoPrep is offering a three-month free access plan to its online platform where students can watch video lessons taught by a licensed teacher, take practice quizzes, drills and more. Additionally, students studying for the Specialized High School Exam (SHSAT) will be given free access to online modules. ArgoPrep will also extend access to its online platform for families in need and upgrade the accounts from 3-month access to 12-month access. While online access applies regardless of your location, ArgoPrep’s free workbooks are only available for those in the New York City area. Fill out the short online application.
        10. ClassFlow
          Promethean’s cloud-based lesson planning and delivery software are now free. ClassFlow offers education resources across subject matters. Promethean is also developing new online training sessions and webinars. For more information, read this blog.
        11. Kaplan Test Prep
          Kaplan offering a month of free access to the SAT® Prep On-Demand course with over 50 instructional videos and more than 1,000 practice questions and quizzes through this self-service website opportunity.kaplan.com. Kaplan is also offering Digital Classroom Resources—including articles, videos, and webinars—aimed at helping students, parents, and teachers navigate this period of online learning and working.  Kaplan Professional is also offering its Rapidly Deployable Virtual Classroom, a cloud-based learning solution.

Curriculum and instruction—E-books and reading

      1. LeVar Burton Kids e-books
        Skybrary is offering free 30-day access to nearly 1,000 LeVar Burton Kids e-books for children ages 2 through 9. Start a month free trial.
      2. Texting program
        Reading Partners has created a free family texting program and a variety of other resources. The texting program, available in English and Spanish, sends literacy-focused text messages to all students. Sign up to receive texts.
      3. Humane Heroes e-books
        This series of free e-books for elementary, middle and high school students tell stories of animal rescue, rehabilitation, and humane conservation and includes lesson plans that teach English Language Arts and social-emotional learning skills  To download free copies of the Humane Heroes book series and their companion curricula, visit: www.ChickenSoupForTheSoul.com/AH.
      4. Chicken Soup for the Soul e-books
        Each e-book in this free three-book series contains 12 age-appropriate stories for K-12 students. The Chicken Soup for the Soul website includes supplemental photos and videos and worksheets. Download the free eBooks at chickensoup.com/ah.
      5. InferCabulary
        InferCabulary is providing two months of free access to its online visual vocabulary tool that helps learners infer deep meanings of nuanced words by analyzing and interpreting the common thread among carefully chosen images and provided captions. The approach, which mimics avid readership, is designed to teach the many contexts of new words in a fraction of the time, which in turn, accelerates student comprehension
        across the curriculum. To sign up for free access, click here.
      6. Museum coloring books
        Many art museums are providing free printable coloring pages representing the works of famous artists. Read this blog for more information.
      7. Weekly Welcoming Schools lessons
        Each week, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Welcoming Schools will offer a book and a related activity.  The featured books will focus on embracing all families, and being an ally and respecting differences inclusive of LGBTQ identities. For its first week, HRC is offering a lesson plan and digital reading of Todd Parr’s The Family Book. HRC will provide a link to online readings of each book. View the current lesson plan and digital reading assignment.
      8. Achieve3000
        Achieve3000 is offering free remote learning resources. Achieve3000 Literacy at Home Digital provides access to non-fiction articles at three reading levels. Topics range from science and social studies to current events. Literacy printable packets contain comprehension questions that add up to one month’s worth of content that has been differentiated for students who are at-, below-, and above-grade-level readers.
      9. Sora app
        Schools that are not OverDrive partners can sign up for a 60-day free trial to access over 100 ebooks and audiobooks on the Sora app. Teachers can use the app to assign ebooks and audiobooks to students who then download them onto tablets, smartphones or desktops. Students can read these titles on or offline. Start a free trial.

Curriculum and instruction—Arts

      1. Top Score Writing
        Every week, those who sign up for free remote access to this writing learning portal ​​​​for grades 2 through 8 will receive video lessons with downloadable resources. Students will learn various writing styles, including informative, explanatory, opinion and narrative. Sign up.
      2. Soundtrap
        Soundtrap for Education is extending its free trial for any school that signs up for this semester. Free access is available to support distance learning initiatives for 120 days and up to 500 seats per school. Teachers and students can create, communicate, and collaborate to explore creative sound-making through audio stories, music creation, podcasting, literacy training, and more. The cloud-based studio offers a safe learning environment that can be accessed via any device, at any time, from any location. Educators can create a free school trial account by visiting Soundtrap’s website and selecting “Start as a Teacher.”
      3. WURRLYedu
        A free web-based version of this music education program is available for 30 days. Students can select a song, customize the key and speed, start from scratch, record themselves, add one-touch audio and video filters and share. Any student can access WURRLYedu on a web browser including a Chromebook. Sign up.
      4. Martini plug-in license
        PowerProduction Software is providing the Martini video editor plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Magix VEGAS Pro as a perpetual license that never expires. Martini’s interface guides editors through the quick creation of composite shots from style section to the implementation of characters, photos and props. Download the Martini license.
      5. EduBirdie essay editing
        Schools that have assigned essays about the coronavirus can have students use the EduBirdie platform for free. EduBirdie checks submitted academic writing for grammar and punctuation errors.
      6. Canva for Education
        Students can create presentations, infographics, websites, reports, worksheets, posters, flyers and signage for free using Canva for Education. The platform includes over 60,000 templates that can be filled with more than 2 million images and over 700 fonts. Canva for Education can be integrated with Google Classroom.
      7. Clipchamp
        For the next 30 days, teachers and students can create and share video content for free as they work remotely. This cloud-based platform features drag-and-drop templates with easy to use graphics that can be shared on Dropbox. Clipchamp also has integrated stock footage and music. Learn more.

Curriculum and instruction—STEM

      1. etaCoders (new)
        MetaCoders is offering a variety of daily coding lessons for beginner through intermediate coding students of all ages. View the free lessons on the MetaCoders Youtube channel.
      2. LearnToMod (new)
        These free teacher accounts for Minecraft Modding software allows teachers to create and organize free student accounts into classes as well as spin up Minecraft servers. For students without accounts, there is an in-browser Minecraft simulator that students are able to mod. Sign up for a free teacher account.
      3. Amazon Future Engineer courses 
        Amazon Future Engineer is offering various free courses for a range of students. A virtual robot teaches younger students about block-based coding and more advanced coding in about text-based coding in this fully sequenced course by CoderZ about the fundamentals of coding. Students learn to code by remixing music provided by Grammy-award winning artists Ciara and Common or their own in EarSketch. Students can also enter their remixes into weekly challenges managed by Georgia Tech. Read the blog.
      4. VEXcode VR
        VEX Robotics has created free STEM activities for VEXcode VR that allow students to code and see virtual robots respond in real-time on their desktop or tablet screens. View the activities.
      5. STEM Sports
        For grades 3 through 8, these free STEM lessons by STEM Sports use basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and BMX to teach students STEM principles while encouraging and engaging children in physical activity. Request a sample lesson.
      6. DreamBox Learning Math 
        Through April 30, DreamBox Learning is offering a free 90-day trial of its K-8 math program designed to complement classroom instruction. Start your free trial.
      7. 43. Scratch and ScratchJr lessons 
        BootUp PD is offering free access to lesson plans and coding resources in the Scratch and ScratchJr applications for K-12. View the online resources.
      8. Code Break episodes
        Code.org is hosting new “Code Break” episodes with special celebrity guests every Wednesday to teach students about computer science. Tune in.
      9. Penjee.com
        Penjee.com, a site which teaches Python programming language, will be free with no signup codes through July. Some features that support remote instruction include Virtual Classrooms, Student Collaboration and the Differentiated Curriculum.
      10. STEM guide
        This PreK-12 STEM program guide includes standards-aligned activities designed for at-home use and stories from National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees. Access the guide.
      11. MOS at Home
        The Museum of Science, Boston has launched this digital museum experience that features new live presentations, engineering projects, podcasts, kid-friendly activities and more every day. Parents and educators can participate in live webinars with museum educators to learn how to support STEM education. Closed captioning will be available for live and recorded content. Most content will be available in multiple languages, including Spanish. Start exploring.
      12. Marine Mammal Center activities
        This series of online learning resources for grades 3 through 8 provides information about marine mammal health, science, and conservation. Download the learning activities.
      13. Beast Academy Online
        One month of this web-based math curriculum for ages 8 through 13 is free. An annual subscription is available at a discount. The program features.  For more information, click here or contact info@BeastAcademy.com. Also free are Beast Academy Printables, the Alcumus customized learning program, instructional videosMATHCOUNTS Trainer, and other resources.
      14. Carolina Biological
        Free science resources for K-5 are available from Carolina Biological. Printable PDFs are available for literacy articles and take-home science activities. Users can also access online learning platforms and Carolina Science Online. Start here: carolina.com/learningfromhome
      15. MEL Academy and app
        For the next three months, MEL Science will release a series of webinars called MEL Academy delivered by science teachers giving online science lessons and hands-on demonstrations for students aged 5-16 years. The MEL Science subscription kit offers additional experiments that can be carried out during the webinar. Preview more than 200 experiments. To register for MEL Academy, please see the online schedule.
      16. National Geographic Learning
        All K-12 teachers now have free access to National Geographic Learning platforms and e-books. National Geographic Learning is also extending access for current digital users and providing training and support for educators transitioning to online teaching. Learn more.
      17. Tennessee Aquarium webcam streams
        Anyone can virtually drop into the Tennessee Aquarium at any time via a collection of live webcam streams. All these streams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Viewers can gamify their experience by counting the number of times sharks swim past the Secret Reef cam or identifying species using a dichotomous key for the Reef or crafting one of their own for Penguins’ Rock. Downloadable activity sheets and links to Aquarium video series are available on the “Aquarium at Home” landing page. MacGillivray Freeman productions are also available via streaming services and many of these selections have accompanying educator guides available to download.
      18. Amazon Future Engineer courses
        Amazon Future Engineer now provides free access to sponsored computer science courses for grades 6 through 12, and teachers who are remotely teaching this age group and EarSketch, a free program that helps students learn to code through music. Sign up for these programs at amazonfutureengineer.com/free-courses. Also, read the original blog.
      19. Knowre Math
        This online core supplement can be used on any internet-connected device via a web browser or iPad app. Walk Me Through support and Targeted 10 assignments promote independent student learning as if a teacher were working one-on-one with that student. Student learning data is delivered to teachers via a Teacher Dashboard. Sign up for full access through the end of the school year at www.knowre.com/school_closure_support/
      20. Exploratorium toolbox and Science Snacks
        This online learning toolbox features free science activities and materials that address public health topics around COVID-19 in addition to general science support activities and materials. Science Snacks are 285 teacher-tested science activities that focus on chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, visual perception, environmental science and more.
      21. Nepris
        Nepris offers free access to live discussions with experts and to a library of 9,000 archived videos of professionals talking about careers. Students can join live “industry chats” with STEM experts.

Curriculum and instruction—Other

      1. Gettysburg: A Nation Divided (new)
        For a limited time, the beta version of this new mixed reality app from QuantumERA envelopes users in the battle as it unfolds around them through 360-degree views and avatars of soldiers. After downloading the app, visit PerspectivesXR.org to find activities and free resources. Download the app.
      2. Waggle, Writable, Amira Learning
        HMH is offering district administrators temporary use of three personalized learning solutions. Waggle provides math and literacy instruction for grades 3 through 8. Writable offers writing skills instruction for grades 3 through 12. Amira Learning features early literacy assessments and instruction for K-3. View other free resources.
      3. Sumdog
        Up until the start of summer vacation, schools can have free access to these online learning tools that provide personalized math, spelling and grammar instruction using games and rewards. Sumdog is also providing online video guidance and daily 15-minute teacher webinars, email, live chat, and telephone support. Sign up for Sumdog.
      4. VE Tech Apps
        This course provides hands-on, relevant learning experiences to all students in academic or CTE courses and includes orientation resources to get started. Fill out the form to access the course or view all resources.
      5. TCI curricula
        Until the end of the school year, qualified schools have free digital access to TCI’s social studies and science curricula. Teachers can deliver interactive lessons from a laptop or tablet. TCI has also developed a resource page to support teachers with free videos, guides, and FAQs.
      6. Renzulli Learning
        For the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year, Renzulli Learning is providing free access to its online learning platform that features more than 50,000 differentiated activities. Renzulli Learning supports personalized distance learning in all subjects and collaborative project-based learning. Start your free trial.
      7. MindAntix
        Weekly sets of free brainteasers are available via PDF from MindAntix. Click here to sign up. The collection for the week of March 23 can be downloaded here.
      8. Ringbeller
        Ringbeller is releasing five episodes of its “edutainment” video content, designed for K-5 students over the next two weeks on the Ringbeller Youtube channel. The first two episodes are available now.
      9. Math and foreign language collections
        Carnegie Learning is providing two curriculum resources for free. LONG + LIVE + MATH At Home is a curated collection of math lessons and videos for grades 6 through 12. This offer includes access to 1:1 math learning software and virtual support. iCulture for At-Home Language Learning is a cultural immersion resource for Spanish, French and German language teachers and students.
      10. Student Leadership Program
        The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program gives middle and high schoolers the opportunity to lead and help meet the needs of the local community. The program includes free lessons, videos, and resources. Join now.
      11. Symbaloo PRO version
        Symbaloo is offering its PRO version to all educators at no cost for the duration of the school closings caused by the coronavirus. Teachers can create board game-style online lesson plans and “Web mixes,” or collections of links to websites, videos, documents, and articles that function as a homepage for educators.
      12. LaunchPacks Science and Social Studies
        These collections of articles, images, videos, and primary information sources are now free from Encyclopaedia Britannica.  To access the platform, schools can register here.  A team member will promptly help users set up free access to LaunchPacks and share remote learning information and resources.
      13. Cowgirl resources
        The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame has new online educational handouts and other resources for grades 3 through 6. Students can learn how to measure a horse, design their own brand, find out how horses see the world, unscramble Western words and find some new books on the museum booklist. Online resources can be found at cowgirl.net/education/resources
      14. Character Does Matter
        Each weekday at 1 pm ET, a Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) veteran mentor will host a Facebook Live video around character development for elementary and middle school students as part of TMF’s updated Character Does Matter Program. The Character Does Matter program empowers veterans and family members of fallen heroes who volunteer with TMF to develop character and leadership skills in young adults by sharing stories of real people who exemplify these traits.
      15. Critical Thinking books
        The Critical Thinking Co. is offering a level-one coloring book for PreK-1, a puzzle book for K-5 and a math activity book for grades 1 through 5. Schools can sign up for free weekly puzzles delivered via email to their inbox. Criticalthinking.com also offers free printable activities, interactive games, and several free quizzes.
      16. KneeBouncers.com
        Through the end of March and until further notice, schools have free access to the ad-free version of KneeBouncers.com, an online learning and entertainment platform that offers games, videos, and other challenges for toddlers and preschoolers.
      17. Actively Learn
        Now free for the rest of the summer, this online curriculum platform for middle and high school students features ELA, science and social studies assignments. Premium features such as unlimited content uploads and extra help for struggling students are also offered at no extra charge. Register for a free upcoming web seminar.
      18. Daily workbooks
        edHelper.com is publishing free daily math and writing workbooks for elementary students. Additional free resources are available, such as free math worksheets, also for elementary students.
      19. Studies Weekly Online
        This K-6 online curriculum platform for social studies and science is free for all teachers and students whether or not they are current customers. The online platform includes all student and teacher editions, lesson plans, ELA integrations and customizable assessments. Teachers can start their free membership with Studies Weekly Online by visiting studiesweekly.com.
      20. Mango Classroom app
        The Mango Classroom app teaches 70 world languages and cultures on mobile and desktop platforms with features that support offline learning. Students and teachers have full accessibility to online resources that include staff and student video tutorials and webinars. Administrator features include progress and usage tracking, and automatically graded assessments. To apply for free access through the end of the 2019-20 school year, please visit mangolanguages.com/covid19-response.

Communications and security

      1. Emergency management (new)
        Now available for free, this app from Raptor syncs with a school’s SIS so faculty and staff can track when a student is “reunifying” with a parent or guardian, receiving a meal or delivering a homework assignment. One user selects the student and  “initiates the reunification” on the program when a parent or guardian arrives on school property. This alerts another faculty or staff member on the app that the student has arrived and can bring the student, meal or homework to the car without the parent having to get out of the car. Schools also use the app to manage emergency evacuations and lockdowns. Request more information on how Raptor works.
      2. pdfFiller (new)
        Schools have three free months of premium access to this solution that lets administrators work on enrollment applications, exam forms, student satisfaction surveys, alumni membership forms; digitize registrar and administrative paperwork; host fillable forms; send parent consent forms; capture data and manage student-teacher interactions. Fill out a short form to get a pdfFiller account set up.
      3. OurPact app 
        For three months, parents can receive free access to this screen time management app’s Premium features, including web filters, device-usage schedules and allowances, and the ability to whitelist educational apps during school hours. OurPact controls device access automatically after establishing management preferences. Parents can block children’s tech access on-demand remotely within the app. Sign up for free.
      4. Intuo 
        Colleges and universities can get a free six-month subscription to this employee engagement platform that features easy-to-deploy pulse surveys and advanced insights. Unit4 will help institutions get up and running in 24 hours with no additional IT support required. Go live today.
      5. Remote Control
        For three months, schools can sign up for free access to NetSupport Manager’s secure remote control tools on up to 2o0 devices. These tools allow  IT teams to quickly respond to IT issues across multiple sites in any location and provide remote workers with safe and easy access to their work desktop. Get set up.
      6. CirQlive MEETS
        For 90 days, K-12 schools can gain free access to the CirQlive MEETS integration tool, which plugs the security gaps and interactivity hole between web conferencing platforms, LMS and single sign-on systems. Schools will receive free consulting services on how to quickly deploy or scale online learning. Book a demo or contact CirQlive with questions.
      7. Facility management and scheduling
        Districts can enter all of their buildings and grounds on Facilitron’s critical activity scheduling and tracking platform at no cost to receive information for every event taking place during coronavirus mitigation orders. Entering all facility use in the system allows districts to see who is and was in what sites during specific days and hours. Learn more.
      8. Abre Hub
        Abre Hub is now available at no charge for schools and districts to post news and announcements for the community as well as provide access to school software tools. Announcements can include images, videos, and links to documents. Visit abre.io or email info@abre.io.
      9. Willo Labs LMS
        Willo Labs will provide its LMS integration platform to schools at no cost for open access content and courseware. A “Willo Uno” delivery button is the digital learning equivalent of ROKU or Fire TV for streaming content channels. As always Willo Labs provides free digital learning consultation services. Email Willo Labs for more information. Sign up for a webinar. Watch a 40-second overview video.
      10. Ocelot chatbot
        Create a free artificial intelligence-powered chatbot to answer general and school-specific questions related to COVID-19. Chatbots can support students 24/7 with information and campus-specific procedures as well as understand the questions and needs of communities through personalized analytics. Create your chatbot.
      11. CherryRoad
        For 90 days, CherryRoad is offering two services for free. SHARK UTM Remote Workplace provides secure, remote access to servers and workstations. No hardware installation required. Cloud Digital Asset Management Service allows schools to store and share documents and digital media in the cloud.
      12. signNow Enterprise
        signNow is offering its free Enterprise subscription that features an e-signature tool and fillable fields functionality for registrar offices and administrative functions, enrollment forms and applications, research grant applications, campus policy forms, alumni membership forms, and test, exams, and student surveys. Fill out a short form to get set up.
      13. TechSolutions tech support
        For 30 days, Support.com’s TechSolutions tech support subscription will be free to help institutions with computer setup, to troubleshoot video conference calls and to ensure that students, professors, and colleagues can connect. Create or sign in to an account.
      14. Microsoft Teams
        For six months, Microsoft Teams will be free for K-12 staff, faculty and students to chat, meet online, collaborate in real-time on documents and integrate the platform with education apps. Learn how to get started.
      15. Edge Foundation coaching
        Free and reduced-price sliding scale fees for individual coaching is available for students who are at home. Edge Foundation specializes in coaching struggling students and non-traditional learners with executive function challenges, from trauma to ADHD. Edge Foundation coaches work virtually with individuals using online tools such as Zoom, Skype and Facetime. Find a coach.
      16. Otter.ai
        Up to 10 staff and faculty members per higher ed institution can sign up for two free months of Otter for Teams by May 1. Otter uses AI to generate searchable notes for business meetings, presentations, and distance learning. The Otter app works on the web and mobile devices and can be used with video collaboration systems, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Google Hangouts. Sign up for two free months of Otter for Teams.
      17. Cyber Dive
        This free service enables parents to view their child’s social media activity across social media sites including Instagram, Snapchat, and VSCO. This summer, parents will be able to monitor their activity on TikTok, Discord, Google and YouTube. Sign up for Cyber Dive.
      18. AT&T data and Asavie AccessMyLAN
        Through May 22nd, qualified schools activating new lines on qualified data-only plans for school-issued tablets, 4G LTE-enabled laptops and hotspot devices will get AT&T’s wireless data service at no cost for 60 days. AT&T is also making the Asavie-powered AccessMyLAN for the qualified lines available at no cost for 60 days. This service allows school administrators to manage the internet sites their students can access to help protect them from unsafe content and also to block malicious sites, malware and hacking attempts.
      19. CT Cloud Meeting and Cisco Webex Meetings
        Upon request, CallTower can deploy CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom for free as well as free Cisco Webex Meetings in less than 24-hours through June 30. Access the Free Video Conferencing Center to get started. CallTower previously announced 90-days free Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.
      20. Stopfinder Communication
        This two-way communication tool is available to all school districts in North America free of charge for the remainder of the school year. The app provides a secure platform for school district officials, parents and guardians to communicate with each other, including sharing documents and photos. A district does not have to be using routing software to utilize this tool. The app allows districts to blast notifications districtwide as well as to specific groups based on grade, region and other criteria. To learn more, visit stopfinder.com.
      21. ManagedMethods
        For 60 days, K-12 school districts can have free access to this Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 data security and student safety platform. ManagedMethods monitors G Suite, Office 365, and its email apps for cybersecurity threats and student safety risks.
      22. Schoolwide platform
        ClassTag has launched the free Schoolwide platform that administrators can use to communicate with staff and teachers and to send families messages in over 55 languages via SMS text, email, apps, and the web. The platform also holds virtual lessons with a preferred video conferencing tool and can be used to post videos and other resources for parents. Schools can request access today for their school or district at https://www.classtag.com/schoolwide-demo
      23. Free 60-day internet service
        Hargray will offer free internet service for 60 days to families with K-12 students in its service area who do not already have a Hargray Internet subscription. Hargray will also offer discounted internet speed upgrades to existing customers. Current customers interested in increasing their internet speeds can call 877-427-4729. To enroll for free 60-day internet service, please visit www.hargray.com/freeinternet.


    1. Pathfinders Online Institute (new)
      The Infosys Foundation is featuring a variety of educational activities and resources from multiple providers and will host live-streamed lessons, such as virtual family code nights, in the coming weeks. Learn more.
    2. Findcourses.com 
      Findcourses.com has compiled a list of resources for businesses. The list includes a free remote collaboration presentation, free courses available to help with staying ahead of the curve, and the latest health news from WHO, CDC and the Johns Hopkins University & Medicine. View these resources.
    3. Winsor Learning PD
      Winsor Learning is releasing free online professional development opportunities for teachers, as well as a new Parent Empowerment Pack, which includes three weeks’ worth of K-5 lesson plans. To access the menu of professional development opportunities for teachers, click here.
    4. GoGuardian
      Through the end of the school year, GoGuardian is offering free and full-functional access to its entire suite of tools, including at-home web filtering, classroom management, device management, and student safety tools. Current GoGuardian customers can receive free access to additional tools. GoGuardian can also expand license counts temporarily as needed. Learn more.
    5. InfoMark
      InfoMark has compiled links to free educational activities for children and resources for parents. All of the websites have been reviewed to ensure that the content is safe and reputable. Data will not be collected from devices that access these links. View the collection.
    6. Auxilia webinar series
      A new webinar series is now available free online to help educators and parents introduce traditional space-aligned STEM topics but also art, history, business, and more. New topics will be posted multiple times a week at discoverspace.org.
    7. WideOpenSchool.org
      Common Sense has launched this free online resource to support families and educators who are transitioning to remote learning. Wide Open School features resources from publishers, nonprofits and education companies, including PBS, Scholastic and Sesame Workshop. Find the full site at WideOpenSchool.org.
    8. Casio
      Casio is offering three resources for free. ClassPad.net is a web-based platform that offers tools for calculation, graphing, geometry, and statistics. Emulator calculator software recreates scientific and graphing calculators for Windows and Mac. Downloadable math activities for K-12 are also available.
    9. Distance Learning Online Toolkit
      Mindspark Learning has launched the free distance learning online toolkit that provides online PD courses covering AI and social-emotional learning, live courses on online teaching and remote leadership, support chatrooms and distance learning FAQs.
    10. ABC databases
      World Trade Press is offering six months of free and unlimited access to all six K-12 educational databases: ABC World Culture, ABC World Food, ABC Food America, ABC The USA, ABC Maps Online, and ABC Lingo Lite. This free suite of electronic education resources can be found at ABCDatabaseSuite.com.
    11. Curriculum Associates
      Curriculum Associates is making a variety of free resources available to families and teachers including printable activity packs and guidance to support learning at home. Learn more.
    12. iQ4 virtual apprenticeships
      iQ4 will provide schools with free access to its suite of apprenticeship tools, course offerings and mentorship programs to prepare students for careers. The virtual apprenticeships will be offered in areas of cybersecurity, data science, cloud and SaaS programs, blockchain and healthcare. Browse available courses.
    13. NDPC videos
      The National Dropout Prevention Center has created videos for faculty viewing and subsequent online discussions. The Trauma of Pandemic School Disruption explores the far-reaching implications of trauma related to school disruption for students, staff, families, and the community at large. School Disruption as a Dropout Risk Factor discusses the short- and long-term effects of school disruption on the nation’s dropout rates. Virtual Learning in a Time of School Disruption explores the advantages of capitalizing on virtual learning.
    14. McGraw-Hill
      McGraw-Hill is providing remote learning support for K-12 schools to help navigate digital products and platforms.
    15. Follet
      Follett has created a resource page containing Collections by Destiny, Follett Destiny Discover, WebPath Express, and more. Video tutorials, forums, and instructions for accessing these solutions also are available. Additionally, Follett has waived the cost for current Destiny customers through June 30 for its Classroom Ready Collections of educator-curated Open Educational Resources (OER) that include lesson plans, activities, videos, and worksheets.
    16. CSBA suite
      The California School Boards Association has released a suite of tools designed to identify the impact of COVID-19 response on public education and inform its advocacy work. The resources are designed to provide local educational agencies with critical information on pressing issues while highlighting the challenges faced by schools, students, staff and communities.
    17. FAQ white paper
      A new white paper that offers guidance on how to protect student privacy is available from the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and AASA, the School Superintendents Association. The white paper addresses a number of frequently asked questions, including what information K-12 leaders can share with their community if schools suspect that a student has COVID-19.
    18. MackinVIA
      Free resources, activity guides, educator resources, author interviews, videos, health tips, and essential links acquired from Mackin can be accessed on the free MackinVIA platform. Schools and districts without MackinVIA can create an account by signing up here.
    19. PBS LearningMedia
      PBS is offering numerous education resources through PBS LearningMedia for PreK-12 educators. Virus Information & Prevention Collection teaches the nature of viruses, including the coronavirus, how they are transmitted and the healthy habits to prevent their spread. Distance learning resources are searchable by grade level, curriculum area, and state and national standards. These free teaching resources can be integrated with Google Classroom and Remind. The “Distance Learning with PBS LearningMedia” webinar on Wednesday, March 18 at 7-8 pm ET will include tips and techniques to support distance instruction.
    20. Multiple partner resources
      Hope and Wade King and ‘Get Your Teach On’ will provide free teaching resources to parents, students, and teachers, including new curriculum, lesson plans and activities appropriate for K-8 students in ELA, art, mathematics, social studies, science, and physical fitness. The site will be updated regularly to continue to provide more free resources as closures continue. All materials, including free access to traditionally paid services, can be found at getyourteachon.com/virus
    21. Gale resource center
      Gale recently launched a COVID-19 resource center for librarians and educators that features interdisciplinary, curriculum-aligned material; live and on-demand training materials; PD ebooks; and white papers on health-related topics and global issues. Read the blog and visit the resource center.
    22. HMH resources
      HMH is providing a list of numerous K-12 activities, lessons, downloadables, and videos during extended school closures that will be continually updated as new resources are posted and shared. View now.